About Deceptionology & SCAPE

Outcome: To be properly trained and knowledgeable in the field of Deceptionology as a Deceptionologist & SCAPE Analyst and skilled in the technique of Statement Credibility Assessment & Practical Evaluation. (SCAPE)

Deceptionology and SCAPE is the study of truth, lies and deception by humans in written and verbal statements. The reasons why humans lie, how they lie as well as written and verbal methods to detect truth, lies and deception in everyday conversations, interviews, emails, text messages, written, verbal & sworn statements, transcripts of hearings, forensic & fraud investigations, letters, emails, HR + business relations and much more.

Since Truth and Lie Detection is of interest to you, you should seriously consider this course.

Deceptionology & Statement Assessment goes beyond Body Language, Micro Expressions and Nonverbal Communication.

It goes deeper - you don't even have to see the person to determine if someone is trying to mislead you.

With SCAPE you only need a written or a verbal statement to be able to determine if what you are reading or hearing is the truth.

There will not be a better qualified person to detect Credibility, Lies & Deception in either written or verbal form than a person who is properly trained by making use of Deceptionology & SCAPE.

Previous students appreciate what they have learned and how easy the techniques are to implement in every day life. Not only the ease of use, but also how effective it immediately becomes as soon as they have completed the course.

If you are looking for a unique addition to your CV that hardly anyone else you know will have then look no further.

Persons from the Legal, HR, Psychology, Financial, Investigative, Risk and Insurance industries are showing tremendous interest in this course.

You will be one of the select few to make use of this unique service and market that has no equivalent in the world.

Persons from the Legal, HR, Psychology, Financial, Investigative, Risk and Insurance industries are showing tremendous interest in this course.

You will be one of the select few to make use of this unique service and market that has no equivalent in the world.

You will be able to add immense value in disciplinarily hearings, fraud cases, internal investigations, fraudulent insurance claims - not forgetting to mention how much it will benefit Recruiters and HR managers, Risk Consultants, Attorneys, Lawyers, Loss adjusters. Even Psychologist and Coaches will benefit.

Plain and simple - if you work with people you need to attend this course.

Since 2009 we have developed the Deceptionology & SCAPE techniques that will uncover a deceitful person in an instant either with a written or verbal statement.

Can you really afford not to attend this course?

It is time that people like you and me take a stand against deception and vindicate people who are honest and truthful.

This course is not only about lie and deception detection but truth detection as well

There are no other techniques available that can help you identify deception as well as truth, that even include a practical evaluation part to make sure that you don’t make mistakes in analysing if a statement is credible or non-credible.

It's guaranteed that you will gain knowledge so unique and so effective that it will become near to impossible to deceive you.

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Request your application form today to sign up and give yourself the edge that nearly no one else has.


What is SCAPE?

SCAPE: Statement Credibility Assessment & Practical Evaluation.

SCAPE is a statement credibility assessment tool. It contains more elements than any other statement analysis tool available today.

It is by far the most thorough tool ever developed.

SCAPE makes use of the "Practical Evaluation" aspect that is 100% unique and is found in no other statement assessment tool in the world.

SCAPE involves an analyst that searches for linguistic cues as well as cracks in a person’s testimony or preliminary statements as well as guiding investigators and interviewers to use follow-up questions to uncover discrepancies.

A lot of mistakes are made because so-called lie detectors only focus on "black and white" areas and don't take "grey areas" into account.

Lie detection is one of the most difficult aspects to master and Statement Analysis will not only give you the knowledge about how and why people lie but also the tools to detect not only lies but truth as well!
What makes SCAPE so exceptional is that it detects truth as well and not only lies.

People are so obsessed with LIE DETECTION that they miss the truth completely.

Deceptionology & SCAPE eliminates guesswork. People can lie all they want, as well as they think they can, but with SCAPE they will not get away that easily.

Never be lied to again!


If you are an attorney or HR manager this will benefit you in your dealings withyour clients or personnel.

Psychologists, Life Coaches, Managers, HR Personnel will all benefit even more - and it is an impressive addition to your CV.

You will become a better speaker and writer because you will better understand the way you talk and write to get your message across with no ambiguity.

How it works


Online attendance and personal Skype sessions scheduled as requested.

You will have 2 assignments as well as a written and practical statement analysis final exam.

You have up to 12 Months to complete the Diploma course after your class attendance.

Upon successful completion you will be awarded with the working title of a:

Certified Deceptionologist & SCAPE Analyst.

What you will need

No tools are needed.

A sharp mind filled with knowledge is all you need.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by.

It can be compared to learning a new language because you will read and listen like never before.

You will see how corrupt and dishonest people are and it may disturb you - so be warned.

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