What is a Micro Expression?

A Micro Expression is an involuntary, slight and brief expression on a human's face when a person is trying to deliberately hide or suppress an emotion.

It will mostly occur in high stakes situations when a person has something to lose or gain. It can easily be missed and most investigators don't see it at all - not because they can't, they just don't know what to look for.

Is it a difficult skill to master?

Micro Expressions are not as scientific and psychological in nature as many people tend to believe. Anyone can gain the knowledge to identify Micro Expressions and acquire the necessary knowledge to properly interpret it if they commit themselves.

You do not need to be a Psychologist or a Scientist to be able to properly understand and utilise it as your secret tool

Lying is easy... Isn't it?

It's very easy to think of a lie, but it is not easy to effectively communicate it.

We use one part of our brain to tell the truth and three parts to lie.

Unlike regular facial expressions, very few people can fake a Micro Expression or an unfelt emotion in a high stakes situation.

Lies will always compound.

For every lie told a minimum of two additional lies have to be created to support the first lie. For this reason lying becomes increasingly difficult to maintain since the lies have to continually increase exponentially.

An individual will need to be an Oscar winning actor with super human memory capabilities to maintain constant lying.

People who tells the truth does not go through that rationalisation process since they can recall their facts by memory and not through fabrication.

Some muscles that are used for facial and Micro Expressions are subconsciously controlled and that makes it nearly impossible to manipulate it voluntarily

The face of the person being questioned can show Micro Expressions that they are not even aware of.

In most cases when a person tries to conceal strong emotions e.g. anger, the expressions can make it evident for a fraction of a second that they may be lying or trying to mislead or deceive the listener.

It is the same with smiles. Different muscles are used when you give someone a genuine true and felt smile as opposed to a fake lifeless smile.

We do it differently

A Human Truth, Lie and Deception Detector detects lies in a different way compared to a Polygraph examiner or Digital Voice Stress Analyst.

For example; a very slight hand or finger movement can give the person being questioned away that may otherwise have not been detected by a Polygraph machine or the Polygraph examiner. In the case that the person being questioned may have been silent during the slight hand movement. The Digital Voice Stress Analyst will not detect any unusual behaviour either.

Although Polygraph tests are immensely accurate they do require compliance. The person being interviewed needs to be connected with cables to a machine and that may cause discomfort and distress.

With Micro Expressions and Nonverbal Communication knowledge you have a much more unobtrusive way to deal with lie detection.

Where did all this start?

The 2009/2010 Fox Hit TV Series Lie to Me was inspired by Micro Expressions and associated science.

It caused a lot of interest in this field and Micro Expressions Solutions evolved from a body language training institute to a fully fledged Micro Expressions and Statement Analysis Credibility Institution.

In 2020 we will celebrate our 11th year of training.

During this time, 3 courses were developed with another 4 accredited courses due to be released in the 1st quarter of 2020.