Microexpression DVDs

The only Videos of its kind in the world!

Can you detect a lie? Can you spot the truth? Let's see how good you are.

This is your chance

Well, at last! Now you will have the chance to prove your truth and lie detection skills!
We took 6 performers and showed them a couple of random short videos.
We then asked them 20 questions about each of the videos... but they did not only answer once... they answered 3 times...
They answered "yes", "no" or remained undecided... Will you know which answer is the truth?

From Baseline to Questions

Apart from the 40 questions each of them will have to answer about the short videos, we have also asked them 100 question to determine their unique baseline behaviour for you to get to know them better.

However, be alert - they may or may not be honest with all their answers but the real truth is visible if you look and listen carefully.

Real people - Real Questions

This is not acting! They aren't actors! Real situations! Real questions real answers!
This is a true test of your people skills and emotional intelligence where you can learn a lot about decoding Micro Expressions as well as truth, deception & lie detection.

How the Video's were made

Each Performer viewed random videos
(We showed each of the performers random YouTube videos)
100 Baseline Behaviour Questions
(100 Basline Questions were asked to each of the Performers)
Various Questions about the videos
(We asked them each 20 questions not only once, but 3 times about each of the videos)
More than 700 Possible answers
(Each of the performers answered once with YES, once with NO and once they remained undecided)

Can you identify the Truthful Answer?

Your task is to determine which answer is the TRUTH out of the 3 available answers.
Do think you have what it takes to be the ultimate:
Master of Micro Expressions
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The visual links will be made available to all new students who enroll for the Certificate Master Programme in: Micro Expressions and Deception Detection. (MEX.1 & MEX.2)