Microexpression services

How it's done

Micro Expressions Solutions uses the latest techniques in Micro Expressions analysis. With careful observations we can train a person to detect Lying, Deception and other forms of dishonesty amongst staff, clients, suppliers and managerial teams.

For example: A competitor suddenly launched a brilliant marketing strategy or product idea that your company has been developing over a period of time. The possibility exists that an employee leaked this vital information. With the proper training, knowledge and skills acquirement offered by our courses it might be possible to identify the culprit.

You need this rare and valuable skill

Understanding Micro Expressions and Nonverbal Communication will be of immense value during a pre-employment screening interview.
This is a great additional and useful skill for any HR Manager or recruitment agent. You will be much better equipped to distinguish between honest and dishonest applicants without them even being aware that they would not be able to deceive you.

You will become attuned to a New World

Included in the training material are discussion methods as well as clues to deceit that would be easily detectable during an interview. It is a disturbing reality that many people blatantly lie and misinform, for example - their future employer by either adding false credentials or withholding vital information, especially in the current economical climate.
The course will teach you how to subtly question, listen to voice and word usage clues as well as gestures to determine if someone is being honest with you. It will help you correctly interpret not only possible lies but also the truth.

Does it really work?

Yes it does work very effectively.
Micro Expressions Solutions’ nonverbal communication private training seminars and self study course will also equip and assist you and your company with departmental or internal investigations.
Our interviewing methods for lie, truth and deception detection are unobtrusive and no Polygraph testing machines or any other instruments are required or used.
No FBI style interrogation methods are applied.
No intimidation, fear or shock tactics are employed and this ensures that the person being interviewed will unknowingly be far more co-operative since they are not intimidated or coupled to foreign devices.

Always treat your subjects with respect

Micro Expressions Solutions places a very high regard on human dignity and it is expected of every student undertaking this self study programme to always treat every person being interviewed or questioned with the highest regard, guilty or not.
The cost of a Polygraph test or Digital Voice Stress Analysis may be prohibitive for smaller companies, but the value of the Micro Expressions & Nonverbal Communication programme will surely prove to be a great asset for every individual and company who chooses to follow this route.

We can assist you

We also offer assistance with regards to serious high profile cases relating to any of the following:
Workplace Dishonesty,
Fraudulent Insurance Claims,
Deceiving and Misleading staff behaviour.